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Trending hair styles in 2021

Are you looking for a hair makeover? Do you want to give yourself a contemporary demeanor? The New Year is arriving and what better a time it could be to have your much awaited and desired transformation. Furthermore, to make this a new start of all sorts, set in afresh and make this new beginning the perfect time for seeking new hairstyles.

Due to the disruption caused by COVID-19 over the second and third quarter of this year, most of the people are moving away from that fresh and vibrant look that has quite a towering upkeep and also complex to nurture without your colourist.

Most of the people saw their natural colour start to grow through during the initial period of the lockdown and have actually gotten used to it. There have been huge experimentations trying new hairstyles and in home haircuts as well.

This is the precise reason behind few people keeping the shade of their hair closer to their natural colour. The outcome of the lockdown made a few others to break out of their cosy zones and initiate adventurous decisions with their locks.

It would definitely be more delightful to know how new hairstyles evolve in 2021. We at Mirrors luxury salons are always in sync with the up to date trends that help you to have a phenomenal transformation which would not only make you get noticed but ensure that you are not forgotten too.

Everyone is optimistic that this New Year rings in the much-required relief from the disarray caused due to the pandemic. Spending so many days stressing out over it all being confined at home, 2021 promises a few captivating new hairstyles to watch.

Every new season ushers in a plethora of new hair styles, which makes foretelling the new hairstyles, cuts and colours for an entire year ahead no simple task. Read on for the trendiest new hairstyles that would roll out in 2021.

Get ready to find the perfect hairstyle that suits you the best.


The very thought of cutting off most of your hair can be scary. Don’t allow the bob to get under your skin since this trend is just there to help you. The bob can be super chic, low on maintenance and a versatile hairstyle that will be sure to elevate your look.

Whether you’re looking to get a quick trim into a lob or contemplating a full-on hair reboot with a big cut, we’ve rounded up the best interpretations of the classic bob in various lengths, colours, and textures to get you inspired.

Bobs are classic and trendy haircuts that have been prevalent since a very long time. They practically fit into every face shape due to which it has been the much sought after style through the ages.

While the bob hairstyle has evolved a lot over the years, the newest bob will be the hairdo you’ve been asking for in 2021 too. Although bobs have been a favourite trend of many all through this year, the experts don’t see it diminishing in the near future.
Bob trends come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some are longer and others are shorter, while few are straight and few are curly. Also, bobs suit for women across all ages which sums up to their universal appeal.

Nevertheless, this time bobs are inclined towards having a much natural look. For those having straighter hair would be recommended bobs at chin-level with hair tucked behind the year for a natural movement behind.

Also, if you’re more in the mood towards having a long bob trend, a.k.a. a lob, we have a few points to share about that too!


If you still aren’t convinced to cutting off your hair to short, then here is the perfect middle ground for you – lob, short for a long bob which can be your perfect starter kit style if you are not inclined to shed those extra inches.

Lob trends are the only hairstyles that somehow flatter virtually all hair types and face shapes.

Whatsoever may be your idea, whether to embrace layers or include spring hair colour, the gifted and effortless structure of a long bob is ideal for any given time of the year.

Lob trends are all about incorporating imperfect textures anyway to allow your to let your uniqueness sparkle through your elegance. Also, there’s a lot a texturizing spray can do to save a sad lob if it’s really messy which means that you truly can’t go wrong and its worth giving a try to cut off some hair this new year.

Bold Pixie Cuts

Pixies are one of its kinds of trends that have been appealing since before and are still lovable even now too which certainly make it the new hairstyle you would be looking for in 2021. Also, pixie cuts best suits the idea – ‘The shorter, the better’

The benefit of having a Pixie Hairstyle includes being practical which means spending less time and money on styling. It is also expressive too as the hairdo perfectly frames the face and makes the cheekbones pop out prominently.

Also, pixie cuts are ideal for hair colour experiments as less hair to bleach means that the hair regenerates quickly.

The year 2020 has taught most of us to think differently about many things in life and also made them ever more open to changing trends in the upcoming year 2021.


Undercut hairstyle was considered as one of the best trend in 2020. It is an extreme trend of haircut with the area below the temple minutely trimmed or completely shaved.

This hairdo is widely regarded as the most happening haircut as of now. The undercuts’ high contrast structure is distinct and remarkable and it gives the wearer an elegant and classy look.

Moreover this hairstyle goes hand in glove with the current s and most of them simply love flaunting it.

Undercuts are a popular style among men but even woman keep up with this style. They can be tried on hair of all lengths be it short, medium or long. Also, not every woman would dare to get a shaved temple.

Nevertheless, the ones who are looking to have an extra edge would not shy away from trying this style at least once in their life. After all, the hair would definitely grow back again.

The prime reason why undercut trends are undeniably unique and refined is because unlike other new hairstyles, undercuts are easily recognizable at the first glance.
They can also be tried in various ways and each of the variation could be seen as similar as the undercut itself.


Shag haircuts add an edgy turn to your hairstyle by moving it to the next level. A shag hairstyle can be accommodative in any length: short shaggy hairstyles can be cute and classy, medium shag haircut can be trendily tangled, while the long shag haircuts are popular for their magnificent all-over layers.

They would also be equally great on fine, thick, straight and curly hair too. For fine hair, shag hairstyles boost its volume and curly shag haircuts are the best to settle unruly frizz.

Take a look at the new shaggy bob hairstyles to surprise your good old bob with a trendy twist.

Nowadays, very few women choose to have their hair cut in one-length styles. Shag hairstyles appear more sophisticated, edgy and shaped up, becoming at the same time simply-styled trends.

The length and thickness of every hair has its own perfect shag. Also, your face shape and lifestyle play a major role in choosing the right new hairstyle for yourself.


To be honest, getting bangs hairstyle isn’t that a huge deal and if one is contemplating of having this trend, then without a doubt, a good fringe is one of the fashionable hairstyle changes you can get yourself at the salon – which might also be the coolest hairstyles for the New Year, too!

Nevertheless, bangs hairstyle can prove to be wonderful trend if you’re looking to find a modern update to your trademark hairstyle: your face would be framed in a flattering way and can also bring a bit of edge to your daily look.

Also, there is really a fringe style for all hair types – whether you are flaunting long layers or a short bob, an oval face or a rounder one. This means that fringes suit every face shape.

The fringes also work really great with super long hair and French girl bobs too. Fringes should actually be worn either mid-way through the forehead, falling on the brow, or with an old vibe where the middle part is shorter keeping the sides two or three centimetres longer.

Mullet Haircut

The mullet is one of the most sought after men’s hairstyles of the ’80s. While this short at the front and long at the back hairdo has had its reasonable share of pun, it is making its comeback into fashion now.

Many celebrities including football stars, top musicians and trend lovers have all begun to flaunt the mullet hairstyle for its dazzling shape and relaxed feel. Also, the mullet hairdo looks professional at the front and cool at the back!

This men’s hairstyle is for those who don’t shy away from the crowd and the easy going. It also gives an amazingly pleasing new look, which is suited for a wide variety of face shapes.

Another discreet and modest way to give a try of this trendy hairstyle is the Modern Mullet. If you aren’t sure whether the mullets suits you – or if you are opting for a less catchy and more of a workplace – friendly version – then, this is the right choice hairstyle for you.

This hairstyle doesn’t have a sudden shift from the tiny front side to long back portion. Instead, this hairstyle is more regulated and softer trend. Having naturally thick and wavy hair is an add-on to get that flattering look; making your locks to be on the show without getting out of control.


Have you been looking for an end of the year hair change and just don’t want to sacrifice your long locks, then, go for a layered trend. This hairstyle is suitable for both fine and thick hair types, as it can be used to create depth and dimension as well as halt the thick ‘hair helmet’ look.

When you ask your stylist for layers, then they would cut your hair to different sizes. The right position and length of the layers will be tuned to compliment your face shape.

If you look into it, long and airy layers trend appear best on round and square shaped faces, while subtle, soft layers look great on oval shaped faces. A long hairstyle with layers gives your hair more movement, texture and bounce without a drastic change.

Although straightening of hair appears to be the one-stop solution for women who want a swift solution for all their summer hair troubles, very few know about the other remedy that’s not only pocket friendly and leaves your hair crimp-free and convenient.

The fact is that hair strands constitute 91% protein and many people exhaust is due to the extremely high temperature from hair styling, high chemical content in the hair products, lack of proper hair care, and wrong eating habits.

Keratin is a vital protein in the hair pattern that aids to plug this gap, substituting as an essential component for your hair from guarding its shine and avoid its damage. In a nutshell, a keratin treatment is a process of inducing keratin protein in the hair which would in-turn, increase its sleekness.

Why opt for keratin?

Due to the plethora of hair care options available in the market, keratin is usually misconstrued as a hair straightening treatment. Keratin is a kind of protein treatment that would work on the outside layer of the hair to eliminate crimp and contain effects against dampness and other hair care issues.

Keratin treatment doesn’t alter the organic structure of your hair, but in fact, restores the inner parts of your hair with protein and makes it feel smoother. This treatment doesn’t interfere with your hair’s inner configuration, whereas straightening would work with the hair follicles to make the hair straight enduringly.

Besides, keratin treatment also gives you the choice of experimenting with diverse hairstyles, making it much comfortable for anyone to change hairstyles easily. Perming your hair or inducing curls for various occasions becomes something that you would devote very little time shaping. In fact, straightening does not have the same feasibility.

In short, Keratin can be termed as multifaceted as this would aid in solving several hair problems in one go. Apart from hair smoothening, keratin also helps in mending the damage caused due to pollution, using various hair products, and the environment, on the other hand, hair straightening gives only a single solution.

It would actually be very hard to notice someone who has taken keratin treatment as this therapy looks increasingly natural and does not appear too revealing. The same thing cannot be applied for straightening treatment, as generally it would be prominently visible and changed.

Mirrors luxury salon advocates all its clients undergo a hair consultation to widely recognize two things – Hair Aspirations & Hair Apprehensions. This consultation process is not just an explanatory session but also an awareness platform that lets you know the best applicable preferences of hair treatment.

When should you go for keratin treatment?

Many of you might have heard a lot about keratin and could be longing to visit the salon to get it done soon. As per Mirrors luxury salon, watch out for any of these below-mentioned symptoms before choosing keratin treatment:

  • After every hair washes, your hair starts to pop up in a frizzy manner.
  • When your hair does not sit well and lacks moisture.
  • Looks pale and lifeless.
  • When you have issues managing your hair and are facing difficulty in maintaining any hairstyle.

What are the benefits of Keratin treatment?

  • When done properly, keratin treatment has a noteworthy impression on your body language as your hair looks flawless at all times and doesn’t cause you any worry.
  • Your tresses are nurtured with protein, which consists of solid nutrients, thus this would not have side-effects. Nevertheless, it is advisable to visit a thoroughly skilled and reliable expert who knows the quality of your hair and initiates the treatment accordingly.
  • This treatment makes your hair easy to manage and can help you transform your hair to various styles with ease. You don’t have to use a hair straightener every time.
  • This treatment shields your hair against all types of weather and makes you forget about humidity, frizz, dullness, or breakage.
  • Keratin-treated hair is easily manageable and doesn’t require high maintenance. You also need to ensure that the products which are being used should be sulfate-free which would aid to uphold and increase the output of your keratin treatment.

Post-keratin treatment practices

Steps to be followed immediately after the treatment:

Keratin treated hair should not come in contact with water for a minimum of three days since this would define how your hair looks for the rest of the period. Thus it is best recommended to wear a shower cap when you come in contact with water. It is also advisable to use an umbrella while you go out in the sun to protect your hair from sun damage.

Use the right shampoo:

You are suggested not to opt for those shampoos that contain a high amount of sodium chloride and sulfate. Get a sulfate-free shampoo, so that it can preserve the shine of your hair for a while. A reliable stylist will obviously suggest you regarding this and offer you an apt reference.

Minimize the number of hair washes:

Yes, you need to avoid washing your hair frequently as applying shampoo many times would have a damaging effect on your treated hair. All the protein which has been induced into your hair would get washed away over time, and if you apply shampoo more than twice a week, you would actually let off the protein sooner. The best alternative to prevent this would be using dry shampoo.

Use a conditioner:

Conditioners shield your keratin-treated hair, so do include a leave-in conditioner in your hair care routine and you will definitely notice a vast difference. A stylist will surely suggest this too.

Let your treated hair be free:

Try not to tie your hair for an initial couple of days as it will have a drastic effect on your hair as it is just getting adapted with the treatment. Give it a few days before you start styling your hair.

Use a soft pillow:

Many of them don’t know that using a hard pillow harms your hair. Use a soft pillow and you will see wonders. There would be reduced hair fall and the induced keratin would also be shielded from wearing away due to contact.

How frequently can you go for Keratin Treatment?

Usually, keratin treatment lasts for more than 3 months although it totally depends on your hair care regime, maintenance, and lifestyle. Once you see your hair starting to return to its natural form, you can repeat the treatment in the next couple of months to follow. Also, this would solely depend on the texture of your hair. If you have slightly wavy or straight hair, you may have the treatment again over a course of few months. Otherwise, if you have strong curly hair, you may have to do it sooner.

Finally, do not plainly subject your hair for straightening and rather think about Keratin treatment, as this can make your hair easy to manage and frizz-free. It is always advisable to invest in a worthy treatment that has an enduring effect, and the keratin treatment is one of the most sought after options. Also, do not forget to consult a proficient stylist before you opt for this treatment.